i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting

Anonymous asked: i'm sad cheer me up

all u could ever need ur welcome

@god why won’t harry styles punch me in the face

Anonymous asked: what does cum taste like



  1. october 31st: SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!!!!! buy candy and scaaaary costumes here!!!


occupation: inappropriate friend who makes sexual jokes despite being a fucking virgin

ok this was fun as fuCK lets do it again sometimes i’m gonna go watch gossip girl yay xoxo

Anonymous asked: ur honestly such an awesome person like I don't agree with everything you do but you're a genuinely good person and like don't care what anybody thinks like you're just a nice person props to you I like you friend

aw i’m sorry you don’t agree with things i do i’m a good person but thank you a lot i’m glad you can see past my bad habits ily

Anonymous asked: I promise boys like you I like you

not boys irl they all think i’m weird which i am but i’m cute and loveable so that counts for someting right

Anonymous asked: how have you done so much at 16 shit im envious

idk i dont even know how i do things like i’ll suck a dick and be like wtf caitlin ur like 12

Anonymous asked: im super insecure bc i have acne like around my chest/arms/back and ofc my face and i gave my boyfriend a hand job and a blowjob last week and he wanted more and i totally FREAKED out on him bc i was totally down and then he tried taking my shirt off and i just felt really uncomfortable. i felt really bad after that bc i kinda just left him hard and scarred im just too big of an insecure dumbass,did i overreact?

no you never can overreact in sexual situations ok don’t even do anything you’re not comfortable with. if your boyfriend is a tru dude he won’t care about your acne, but until you’re ready don’t even think you owe him anything!! but also i recommend neutrogena acne body wash i have it and it works pretty well!!!

Anonymous asked: I have a bad habit of being a player. I have 11 boyfriends in high school Aline but now that I'm in collage I want to make a clean slate and I'm trying to stick with my boyfriend but I get so easily distracted by other men. What do you suggest I do?

hey one day you’ll won’t want any other guys because you have the best one and until then keep lookin

Anonymous asked: what about the conert makes u sad

i love harry so much and i miss him he makes me happy 

school starts sept 8th D:

current reason for pain: harry styles

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you are loved and you are imporant.
never give up ok i love you.